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Welcome to my author web site!

I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction pleased that you found my site. I have 10 novels to my credit, including four crime/mystery novels in the Lawyers Gone Bad Series; the bestselling "The Anonymous Man" and its sequel, "Still Anonymous;"  "The Messiah," about the coming of a modern Jesus figure;  a dystopian thriller, "Mind Plague;" and, finally, the two-book YA fantasy series, Psi Wars!:  "Escape From the Psi Academy" and "Return to the Psi Academy."

My play, "Hate Crime," about the black experience in America has been staged in Buffalo in 2015 and by the Cause Theatre of the College of Southern Maryland in 2019.  "Practical Time Travel," a speculative fantasy play, was staged by Just Write! Lakeland and in Venice, Fl in 2019.  My musical play, "The Walrus Was Paul - A Beatles Sing-Along" was staged in 2020 in Venice (see, Excerpts link) and will be staged in Lakeland in October 2020.  Finally, "The Penitent" was a finalist in the 2015 Watermelon One-Act Festival sponsored by St. Mary's College of Maryland.  

I have also published the non-fiction, philosophical works, "The Human Manifesto" and "Beyond the Lie," among others.

"Pardon Me" - Book 4 of the Lawyers Gone Bad Series Published

The final book in the popular Lawyers Gone Bad Series has been published by Digital Fiction as Lawyer Discipline Director, Dean Alessi, and Chief Investigator, Stu Foley, take on their toughest bad lawyer yet - the Governor of New York!  Order your copy now for an exciting and satisfying conclusion to the series at the following link:

Bestselling Lawyers Gone Bad Series!


"The lawyer was crying..." Find out why in these three Amazon bestselling crime/mystery novels in which investigators from the state Lawyer Discipline Office investigate lawyers gone bad...real bad.

Here's what The Buffalo News said about "Lawyers Gone Bad": 

''Scarsella spices [his tale] with saucy language when needed and street lingo where appropriate.  He keeps the suspense at high level until the answers unfold." - Sunday, May 31, 2015

For the rest of the review:




"The Walrus Was Paul - A Beatles Sing-Along" Staged

On February, 15, 2020, my musical, sing-along play about the Paul McCartney Is Dead urban legend that surfaced in 1969, swept the world and still persists to this day was staged at the Event Center of IslandWalk in Venice, Florida. 

This sing-along play is scheduled to be performed by the theatrical group, Just Write Lakeland, in October 2020 in Lakeland, Florida after it's April performances were canceled due to Covid-19.  More information to follow! 

You can watch the IslandWalk production of the play by clicking the Excerpts Link!  

"Mind Plague" Released! 

My timely novel, “Mind Plague,” chronicles the travails of a survivor of a plague that has caused almost everyone to lose their ability to think and remember.  Order your copy now at:


"The Anonymous Man" & "Still Anonymous"

In "The Anonymous Man," Jerry Shaw fakes his death to collect a $4 million life insurance policy with his wife, Holly, and best friend, Jeff Flaherty.  But just when Jerry thinks he has gotten away with it, that he is free of his former boring life and become anonymous, he is betrayed by his co-conspirators and learns that Jack Fox, a tenacious insurance company investigator, is hot on his heels. 
In the equally thrilling sequel, "Still Anonymous," Jerry is still on the run from  Holly and Jeff. But this time, he has the help of Jack Fox in remaining anonymous.
Order your copy of these thrillers:

Check out this review of "The Anonymous Man" in the October 13, 2013 edition of The Buffalo News



"The Messiah"

What if a Jesus-like figure came today preaching radical change?  Would the ruling elite crucify him?  Find out in this thriller about the coming of a modern messiah.

PSI WARS! SERIES - Books 1 and 2


Join the coming World Psi War in Books 1 and 2 in the Psi Wars! Series now available at Amazon from Digital Publishing!  And remember, it's not magic, it's real...



"Resurrecting Jack," "The Cards of Unknown Players," and "Killers" Released by Digitil Science Fiction

My short story, "Resurrecting Jack," originally published in the print magazine, Fictitious Force, has been republished by Digital Science Fiction.  Check it out for only 99 Cents:

Bringing back from the dead the love of your life may not work out as planned.

The Pushcart Prize nominated short story, "The Card of Unknown Players," has also been released and is available for only 99 cents at:

Finally, my short story, "Killers," about humans who kill other humans for their alien masters, is available for only 99 cents at:

Film Version of "Hate Crime" Available From SkoVu TV!   

This play about race relations in the context of a legal thriller was successfully staged by Alamaedae Theatre Productions at the Lackawanna HS Aud on September 13, 2015.  It has recently been staged by the Cause Theatre of the College of Southern Maryland from March 14-16, 2019. 

You can now see the play for yourself at the streaming service, SkoVU TV here.  Rent for only $5.99!


"The Penitent" In Watermelon Festival             

My one-act play, "The Penitent," set in the confessional of a Catholic Church and concerning the priest child molestation scandal, was a Finalist in The Watermelon One-Act Festival held in Leonardtown, Maryland  on June 6 & 7, 2015.  It finished in the top 4 out of 16 plays and received Best Production Runner-Up and Best Performer for Tom Joyce.   You can watch the June 5th staged production by clicking the "Excerpts" link.

"Beyond The Lie" Published!

Get beyond the lie of your life and into a world of real meaning in this book that describes the false beliefs motivating your actions and thoughts that infuse your life with only illusory meaning.  New from Digital Publishing.  Order your copy today!

"The Human Manifesto" Favorably Reviewed By EBF!!!!!!

"The Human Manifesto: A General Plan For Human Survival," was given an outstanding review in the 09/2011 edition of the Ernest Becker Foundation.  The  review concluded:  "I advocate that you read Scarsella’s Human Manifesto!" 

You can purchase your copy for Kindle devices for only $0.99 at: