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The Penitent

Check out video of the production staged at The Watermelon One-Act Festival on June 5, 2016 performed by Timothy Joyce, as the Penitent, Christopher Joyce, as Father Caputo, and Steve Fogle, as Father Shea.

Excerpts from the works of Vincent Scarsella

 From "The Cards of Unknown Players"


I dozed and dreamed again that Timothy was playing baseball. First, as a kid, his present age, ten years old, the best kid on his team, a pitcher with a fastball so mean, the other kids are scared to face him and always swing late. When he isn’t pitching, Timothy plays short. An all-star, naturally. A .500 hitter. Runs like the wind and is aggressive as hell. Reckless sometimes, too, a fierce competitor who hates to lose. Suddenly, he is older, almost a man, the star of his high school team, recruited by Arizona State and after four wild years helping them to four national championships, he is the first round draft choice of the New York Yankees. As a rookie shortstop, he hits .327 and is named Rookie of the Year. The next season, he is named to the All-Star team and the Yankees win the World Series for the first time in seventeen years. But I know I must be dreaming. It is impossible for him to do any of this. My son, Timothy, cannot even walk.  




  • ""Scarsella spices [his tale] with saucy language when needed and street lingo where appropriate. He keeps the suspense at high level until the answers unfold." - The Buffalo New"
    The Buffalo News
  • " "'The Anonymous Man' gets decent marks for creativity and's a fast read that runs through familiar local settings to a satisfying conclusion. Scarsella has the m..."
    The Buffalo News
    Review of "The Anonymous Man"