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Not For Harry Potter Fans!

Posted by Vincent L. Scarsella on July 4, 2011 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (1)

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you may not want to read the rest of this blog piece because I most certainly am not a fan.  Not in the least.  I tried, believe me I tried, getting into the Potter kid, both in the books and the movies.  Sure, some of the special effects of the latter are decent, but I have never been engaged by the Harry character, his friends, the good wizards who instruct him and especially the evil wizard who killed his parents.  (What was his name?).

As for the books, well, I must admit that I read only half of the first one, and had to put it down.  I found Ms. Rowlings writing stilted (not that she cares what I think), the characters stock and card-board, and the story, well, kind of weak.  Boy with secret past lives with abusive Aunt and Uncle (where was Child Protective Services - asleep again, I guess), and despite what outwardly is a boring life, he's really a budding super-wizard.  Of course, a story like that is going to appeal to kids ( And I have even thought of a better way to write a story like that without using wizards and magic that for some reason managed to offend the Catholic Church, but more of that in the future). 

And yes, I am happy that the Potter craze has spurred a whole new generation of readers - although is there any real proof of that? 

Well, as you can see, I just don't get it.  Maybe some other of you out there don't get it either.  So, first of all, I invite those Potter fans out there (and I know there are many) what I am missing -- other than the Potter books and movies grabs at the basic story that appeals to the secret instincts of kids to be a heroes instead of a boring blob like all the other boring blobs in their schools.  And other than the Potter phenomenon just happened to get sucked up into what Malcolm Gladwell called "the tipping point," where the idea that it was good reading or cool got spread from mind to mind like a virus - a thought virus, or what Gladwell called a "meme."

That's gets me to my novel, "Escape From The Psi Academy," the first book of the Psi Wars! Series, published by IFGW Publishing in May, 2015. 

This young adult fantasy novel is America's answer to Harry Potter. While Harry learned how to use magic at Hogwarts to defeat the evil Lord Vordemort, the teen heroes of “Psi Wars!” develop their innate psychic powers at the “Psi Academy,” an underground military base in the Blue Ridge Mountains for use in the coming conflict between good and evil psi warriors.

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